If you live in, or have lived in Winston-Salem… You know the joys of being on Business 40! You know what we’re talking about!

Well, luckily for us something is being done about it. The Business 40 Improvement Project is underway. This project shows renderings of what is to come, and it my friends, is BEAUTIFUL! Iconic bridges and pedestrian passages over the New Business 40 will make the view and the commute much more enjoyable. An underground passage beneath Peters Creek Parkway will make accessing BB&T Ball Park so easy! There is much much more in this project that is so exciting!

Now, with these improvements, our city will see a little difficulty as parts of Business 40 are closed down for construction. We will be keeping you updated on this project and any detours that are upcoming. Come back to visit for the latest updates on this project and all things Winston-Salem!

An excellent video rendering is available here:

For more information please visit: